Russian innovative method "DIANARK"

Detection of antibodies to illicit drugs in blood

The "Dianark" method was developed in 1995 by a professor Myagkova Marina Alexandrovna at the Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The scientific approach in the diagnosis of drug addiction does not  have world analogues, allowing to identify special markers - antibodies formed in the blood serum of a person when taking drugs. Elevated levels of markers remain in the body for several months, long after the drug itself had been eliminated from the body. Identification of antibodies to narcotic substances is carried out by means of ELISA.

The method can objectively and reliably:
• to diagnose the latent forms of drug addiction at the earliest stages, when the frequency of use is once in 1-2 weeks;
• to establish drugs taking after 2-4 months after the last drug intake;
• to confirm the remission of drug addicts; to establish not using drugs within 3-4 months after starting treatment for drug addiction (or after stop using).

ELISA kits "Dianark" are issued for the determination of markers of narcotic substances of the following classes: opiates, cannabinoids, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, ephedrine.
Dianark method has the following characteristics:
• the analysis takes 2.5 hours and does not depend on the number of samples analyzed. The method is screening, allows to conduct a mass survey of the population, to identify groups of risk;
• 10-50 μl of blood serum is sufficient for the analysis (a part of the blood sample that is taken during the clinical examination can be used);
• The results are processed using a photometer, which is available in almost all clinical diagnostic laboratories. 

Dianark ELISA kits have registration certificates of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in accordance with the procedure for state registration of medical products. "Dianark" LLC has a license for medical activities (clinical and diagnostic investigations).
The method was successfully approved, widely tested in practice in many drug treatment clinics in Russia, received recognition and awards abroad. It is used to confirm remission and to disregard patients undergoing treatment in drug treatment centers. Since 2003 it have been used when selecting personnel and in periodic investigations in Federal Security Service of Russia. The method also has been applied for testing university students (on a voluntary basis), employees of enterprises, airlines personnel.
When widely implemented for testing Dianark method is:
• A powerful restraining factor that protects young people and workers from the first and subsequent drug use;
• Remedy for avoiding addiction, for identifying addiction at the early stages when it is still possible to help a person to stop drug use and return to normal life without serious consequences.
• Way of controlling the cured drug addicts during remission.

Our awards
1. Prof. Marina Myagkova was awarded a gold medal, a special certificate and a prize of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the development of a method for diagnosing the facts of drug use (Geneva,  2007).
2. Diploma "For a high level of scientific and technical developments." 51st International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements (Belgrade, 2007).
3. Award of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks in the nomination "100 Best Inventions of Russia" for developing a method for diagnosing the consumption of narcotic substances ( 2008).
4. Moscow City Award 2012 in the field of medicine "For the creation and practical implementation of the innovative method of drug use early detection "Dianark" for the drug addiction prevention." … and others.

1. US 8,501,494 August 6, 2013 "Method and device for detecting a priori drug use, taking inflammation into account to increase the test's specificity and reduce false positives".
2. RU N 2291436, October 28, 2005 "Method for diagnosing the consumption of narcotic substances".

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