Russian innovation method ADIMUSTAT

In the course of studies of the immune response of the human body under various addictive conditions, it was observed that there is a correlation between the development of addiction diseases (drug addiction, alcoholism, clinical manifestation of gambling) and changes in specific autoantibodies levels.                              
It is known that a healthy organism during his lifetime synthesizes an individual set of autoantibodies in terms of its immunochemical properties, which provide a diverse regulatory and homeostatic function.

A clear picture of the change in level of specific antibodies to certain endogenous bioregulators is observed also in people suffering from addiction diseases (drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling).

According to these indicators, it is possible to determine the severity of pathological addiction, and in the case of drug dependence, to evaluate the narcotic "experience" (duration of systematic drug usage).

The "Adimustat" method allows detecting antibodies to endogenous bioregulators in human blood serum using ELISA.

The method can be used in the following cases:
• assessing the development of dependence pathology (drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling) and determining the severity of the disease;
• identifying predisposition to addiction diseases;
• diagnosis and early detection of pathological changes in the body and evaluation of its adaptive capabilities.

 ELISA kits "Adimustat" are issued for the determination of antibodies to the following endogenous bioregulators in blood: β-endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, histamine, orfanine, angiotensin and others. 

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