Russian ELISA kits for the detection of illicit drugs metabolites in urine "DIANARK-M"

The method is based on the procedure of enzyme immunoassay (ELISA). Diagnostic procedure is methodically simple, high productive and specific.

Currently, tests for detecting drugs in urine are the most common. They are used in medical examinations, when testing people suspected of using narcotic substances, as well as for preventive purposes.

Metabolites of narcotic substances are detected in human urine within 2-7 days after taking the drug. Their detection is reliable evidence of a single recent use of narcotic substances.

Characteristics of the test system "Dianark-M" for the determination of metabolites of narcotic substances in urine:
• The method is highly sensitive (more than 95%);
• The duration the analysis is 2.5 hours and doesn’t depend on the number of samples analyzed. The screening method allows conducting a mass survey of the population and risk groups identification;
• Use up to 100 μl of urine for analysis (you can use a part of the urine sample that is taken during routine examination);
• The results are processed using a standard photometer for enzyme immunoassay.
Dianark-M ELISA kits allows to detect the following groups of substances:

 Group of substances  Cut-off level, ng / ml
 amphetamines  300
 barbiturates  200
 benzodiazepines  200
 cannabinoids (marijuana)  50
 cocaine  300
 methadone  300
 opiates (morphine, heroin)  300

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